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Tutoring sessions are typically 50 minutes long. The student is expected to arrive on the hour or half-hour.

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How long are the sessions?

Our system is simple and easy. To schedule a lesson, simply call or e-mail us! We will take your name, subject area, and a return phone number. We hire tutors to fit our clients, so within two weeks you will have the perfect tutor for your student. After your tutor is settled in, you will have a brief meeting with them to get to know them and fill out some information and release forms.

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How does eBee's Tutoring work?

We provide students with help in many subject areas, including life skills. Please visit our Services webpage to see a complete list of subjects. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail or call us right away!

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What can I get help with?
How much does eBee's Tutoring cost?

The cost per session varies with the student's needs and availability. Sibling, group and long-term commitment discounts are available. Please get in touch with us for details!

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With our unique hiring technique, individualized tutoring is available all across Texas and Mississippi. We also work with students online.

What areas does eBee's Tutoring serve?

Of course! Having regular tutoring will greatly improve the student's chance of success. Many students have tutoring sessions one or two times a week, but more can be scheduled if needed. Many students with special needs find it particularly helpful to have the same tutor help them on a daily basis.

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Can I schedule regular sessions?
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What's the cancellation policy?

Really, really simple. Give us at least 24 hours of notice, by phone or e-mail, and we'll check in with you again before your next session. Unfortunately, canceling without notice will make you responsible for the session fee.

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