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It started with a job hunt.

eBee's started with a job search. The founder, Ambrianna Freeze, had been hunting for jobs for weeks and weeks. She had landed a short-term position with a pre-school, which was great but not a long-term plan for success. After taking a few tutoring jobs on, she started looking for a position with a tutoring company in her area. What she found made her very, very upset.

After some ill-fated interviews, she realized that the few tutoring companies in her area were either focused on money or--well, money. There were so many contracts and conditions they were overwhelming even for her. She couldn't imagine what it was like for parents who just needed a tutor for their child! And so eBee's was born. Simple, straightforward, top-quality tutoring at prices that don't change depending on the weather.

At eBee's, we value time and relationships over contracts and commitments; we're just really good tutors. Every student has lesson plans individualized for their needs and parents get progress reports after every single session. We don't have hidden fees or super strict cancellation policies. We're just there for you and your child, whenever you need us.

Tutoring is offered in the client's home or in a public space, depending on the needs and preferences of the family. Our dream is to eventually have an office space where eBee's can call home, but for now we're content with driving where we're needed.

For students who aren't within thirty miles of us, we do offer Skype and Zoom-based tutoring sessions which have the same benefits of our in-person sessions.

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